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Villa Cavalieri

Arcade - Treviso
Place: Arcade - Treviso
Year: 2014
In progress: NO
Work category: Restoration of heritage assets
Building use: Social
Client: Municipality of Arcade
Architect: arch Giuseppe Scattolin
Installations: eng. Vincenzo Conte and eng. Alberto Zara
CEV role: General Contractor/Executive Design/Construction design

Description of works

This important 18th century villa, located in the centre of the village of Arcade, was subject to meticulous restoration for the purpose of the full redevelopment of the building in order to give it a new intended use. In fact, since 2013 Villa Cavalieri has been the new town hall for the Municipality of Arcade. Within the context of the third and last executive part, as general contractor, Impresa Cev brought the building to completion in compliance with the contract times, with a careful intervention that affected all the finishing works: interior walls, plaster and “marmorino” Venetian plaster, restoration of pictorial decorative elements, Venetian style terrace floors, wooden false ceilings and steps, windows and doors, technological systems and the installation of a new lift for access to disabled users.
The restoration also related to the reconstruction of exterior pavements, the entrance to the villa and the pedestrian paths that lead to the park.
The latter is strongly recognised by the municipal administration as a precious green space to be used for public gatherings.
All the works were performed with the constant supervision of the Superintendency for architectural assets of the Veneto region and under the Works management led by the architect Giuseppe Scattolin.