The current Impresa CEV management group is comprised of the members of the Vendramin family who still have full control with three generations of buildings working side by side: Valerio, Antonello, Massimo, Gilberto and Lorenzo Vendramin.

Every manager takes part in the management of the company and the scope of the project, providing his own skills and experience built up in the field. In the same way, every strategic governance decision takes place in mutual agreement, in order to guarantee the cohesion of the work team and consistency with the philosophy that distinguishes us in the world of building firms.

90 employees and over 1000 collaborators, with an average annual increase of +10%, numbers that enable us to guarantee the presence and control of the production process on all our sites. We do not assign tasks but roles, so that our personnel play an active role in reaching the company’s objectives. This multi-disciplinary work method founded on open sourc eenables us to dedicate more time to communication and collaboration with clients and the partners involved in the production process, listening actively to their indications and becoming active in the order development process, whether they come from private or public bodies.

Within the heart of Impresa CEV a team of qualified technicians, site managers, site supervisors and workers with a wealth of construction experience, work day after day alongside well-known architects and important private and public clients to develop and put into practice the complex building solutions that distinguish our work.